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Many of our students struggle with food insecurity and often do not come to school with anything to eat. We invite businesses, community organizations, and individuals to sign-up to prepare and serve lunch to our students one day per week. This year we are targeting Wednesdays. Groups are responsible for bringing a hot meal, drinks, cups, and flatware for approximately 60 students and staff.  

Both homemade and catered meals are appreciated. We have a full kitchen that can be used to prepare or cook meals. 

We welcome groups to serve a meal on a single date or a recurring basis.


Lunch is from 12:30-1:00pm. Favorite meals: pizza, fried chicken, chicken wings/tenders, hamburgers/hot dogs, tacos, comfort food, etc. 


If interested providing a meal, please call the office at 336-721-1110 or click on the link above.